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August 2016

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Mixologist of the Month: August 2016

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association’s Mixologist of the Month

August 2016: Nicole Hossler

Signature Cocktail:
Florida Crush
Orange Vodka
Muddled Lemon
Lots of Mint Sprite

Nicole Hossler started her bar tending career at the young age of 18, at Applebee’s. Nicole has not worked in a corporate restaurant since her Applebee’s days. However, she feels corporate restaurants are a great way to learn about the industry. According to Nicole “Once you have the skills, you can go anywhere and use them”. She had moved to Florida for a while and worked at the Tiki Bar before returning home to Pennsylvania.

Nicole feels working at The Firehouse Restaurant has allowed her to meet people from all over the county. She has met a lot of interesting people at work. She believes to be successful, a good bartender should be observant, pleasant and if they don’t remember your name, at least they will remember your drink. Nicole has been working at The Firehouse Restaurant for the past three years during the day. “I love our house favorites, Bloody Mary’s and the staple drink, Black Martini”! When Nicole isn’t at work she likes to travel to warm places. Be sure to stop by and see Nicole during the day and have her make one of her ‘house favorites’.

The Firehouse Restaurant
606 N. 2nd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

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Member of the Month: August 2016

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association Member of the Month

August 2016: Chip & Shari Barbosa, Joey B’s
“Where good friends have met since 1988.”

Business History
In 1988, Joey B’s was established to honor a great son, brother, and friend, Joey Barbosa. The establishment began as a small town bar and in 2010, the Barbosa family ventured into a full-service restaurant. Many people have made wonderful memories within the walls of Joey B’s. Therefore, it is their mission to continue to grow and to strive to provide an atmosphere for both old and new friends to gather and create memories.

About the Business
In Summer 2013, they expanded their venue by adding a patio to allow Joey B’s to serve more friends. The patio ended up being a huge success, so they decided to add to the fun by adding a brick oven pizza oven, initiating a “Drinker B” brew crew, and beginning a house made sangria craze. What they are best known for is our expansive craft beer selection and their house made soups that range from California Cheeseburger to their ever-popular Lobster Bisque. Although it may appear their biggest fans are the craft beer gurus, the biggest supporters are actually the kids, or “Training B” crew, who end each visit to Joey B’s with a ring pop and homemade slushie.

Giving Back
Joey B’s feels the best form of advertisement is through the word of mouth of their customers. All of their advertising is done through donating to local organizations such as: The Veterans Memorial, Officers Down 5K, The Palmerton Rec Association, The Bo Tkach Foundation, Dream Come True, Special Olympics, Raising the House 5k, Palmerton Athletics, and most importantly, Palmerton Youth Endeavors. The success of Joey B’s can be contributed to the level of professionalism and devotion of their staff. The staff strives to make each guest’s visit unforgettable. The Joey B team would not be so successful if it were not for the wonderful customers they were blessed with who make working at Joey B’s enjoyable. The next time you visit Palmerton, stop by and meet the owners and the dedicated team.

Joey B’s
638 Delaware Avenue

Palmerton, PA 18071
Carbon County