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Pennsylvania Observer February Tip

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Pennsylvania Observer February Tip

The Secret Ingredient
It helped one PLBA Member success for decades … and it still works

By Erica Bloch
Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Woodloch Resort, Member of the PLBTA

Since we opened more than 60 years ago, our family-owned and operated resort has been founded on the service concept of a place “where everybody knows your name.” The Woodloch Family’s enduring dedication to the very personalized treatment of guests is what truly sets it apart from other resorts.

If we’ve learned anything over decades of ownership, we’ve learned the value of great customer service.

All staff are trained to follow Woodloch’s original mission to “treat all guests as if they were company in their own homes.” Each carry on a tradition of excellence and warm hospitality.

Woodloch vacations are built on the concept of “togethering,” or bringing loved ones together, spending time with one another, and creating memories to last a lifetime. Combine a nostalgic, back-to-basics environment with pristine natural surroundings and a unique array of home-grown, team-building type activities for families put on by a team of genuinely devoted staff members, it is no wonder that guests leave Woodloch with a renewed sense of connection with their own families.

So, what are the secret ingredients to great customer service? Consider the following:

  • Go beyond customer expectations – guests expect staff to be courteous, helpful and friendly. What can you do that goes a step further?
  • Take a complaint seriously, even if it’s a minor one – these are opportunities to learn your shortcomings, and make improvements.
  • Empower your employees – guests expect solutions, not an excuse that the manager isn’t available.
  • Scripting isn’t customer service, it’s a turn-off – guests are looking for sincere human interaction, not something that sounds programmed or rehearsed.

Whether someone is visiting your establishment for business or pleasure, the level of customer service helps determine whether or not to come back. Great service may make them write a wonderful online review, while a bad experience will cause them to warn friends to avoid your business.

Today, potential customers have a ton of options. Be the one they choose by having great customer service.

The above article is reprinted from the February 2019 edition of our magazine – The Pennsylvania Observer. The article was written by Erica Bloch of Woodloch Resort, a Member of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association. The Pennsylvania Observer is a benefit of Membership and is delivered to valued Members monthly. Not a member? Download an application by clicking here.







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