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Essential Tips for running a successful bar

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Essential Tips for running a successful bar

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Keeping your bar running successfully requires great effort. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you are operating efficiently and keeping your customers coming back.

1. Keep Drinks Fully Stocked And Conserved
Having your bar properly supplied to always meet demand may seem like a costly endeavor, however there is a simple solution. By keeping track of what your customers are drinking, as well as the types of alcohol that are most popular, you will be able to adjust your drink stock orders accordingly. You end up spending less money on alcohol that is not requested as frequently.

Also, properly measuring the amount of alcohol you serve helps prevent wasteful overpouring. There are many tools to assist in your alcohol conservation, such as measured pourers and jiggers.

2. Be Creative
Fixing a drink at home is much cheaper than going out, so providing customers with a unique experience in addition to the beverages is key. Stand out from the competition by offering something new and different. Create signature cocktails and fun food and drink specials that show off your bartenders’ creativity. And, don’t forget to utilize a “bar’s best bet” where the name says it all: Happy hours. From there, you can parlay that enjoyment into hosting events such as trivia nights, speed dating, karaoke, open mic nights, sports parties and more. Once you have a creative plan, getting the word out should be your next step. The most efficient method for doing so is through social media, a great way to connect with your customers and be a part of the community. By setting up profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you end up reaching many in a matter of seconds.

3. Point of Sale System (POS)
To properly keep track of transactions and organize orders, an electronic POS system is a must-have. It helps ensure a smooth communication of customer tabs between the waitstaff, bartender, and kitchen. A POS system also affords bar managers a firm grasp on inventory management, cash flow and data.

4. Protect Yourself with Liquor Liability Coverage
When your business centers on serving alcohol, the potential for risk can be significant. Taking proper steps to keep your bar protected is extremely important. Liquor liability coverage helps to defend your bar against increased insurance costs and even losing your business. It is also critical to have your staff effectively educated through an established alcohol training resource such as the Responsible Alcohol Management Program (RAMP) to educate and prepare them to deal with safety issues. For more information on getting the right bar insurance coverage, visit our preferred vendor Illinois Casualty Company, by clicking here.

In the competitive bar industry, increasing efficiencies, promoting customer events and having the right insurance coverage can lead to a successful business. Cheers!

This PLBTA Tip was written by Robert Falvo on behalf of the PLBTA.



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