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VGT Press Conference Update


Rep. Mustio (R), Rep. Costa (D), Rep Sturla (D), Senator Rosenthaler (R), Senator Boscola (D), and Senator Alloway (R), stood in support of VGT legislation passing both chambers before budget is due June 30. They said that VGT’s would bring up to $500 million in revenue to the state after full implementation. 

Rep Mustio announced that his bill would House Bill 1010.

The PA Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association State Board Member, Jerry McArdle, was asked to speak. This is what he said to support the VGT proposal:

“My name is Jerry McArdle. I am the owner of 3 small taverns and have been an employer of fellow PA citizens for over 33 years. As a licensee, I also hold a PLCB approved Tavern Games permit. I serve as the Delaware County delegate to the State Board of the PA Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association.

 I have worked personally and with our association for decades to legalize VGT’s in the Commonwealth just as other states have done around the country. I’d like to thank the sponsors of this legislation for having the foresight and the willingness to learn from other states what simple video games can do for the Commonwealth.

 We will continue to work with the makers of the legislation and General Assembly to ensure the legislation brings hundreds of millions of dollars to the state. VGT’s can help preserve our small businesses so we may continue to employ over 100,000 people in Pennsylvania annually while maintaining the tremendous economic contributions that our family businesses bring to our local and state coffers.Thank you.“

During the Q&A period from the media, Jerry was asked, “What is the general consensus of VGT legalization among tavern owners.”

Jerry answered, “As I’ve stated, I’ve been a tavern owner for 33 years and we have seen our business eroded over those years because we haven’t been on a level playing field with other businesses. Recently as you all know, grocery stores are now permitted to sell 12 packs, 6 packs, and singles; beer distributors also. Me personally, its devastating for my business. so the local tavern owner is looking at this VGT legislation as another way to receive some revenue, to help stay afloat, and to also contribute to the many endeavors that we contribute to – churched, little leagues, and all kinds of youth programs. My consensus from the tavern owners that I have talked to is that if certain parts of this bill can be worked out then overwhelmingly the tavern owner is in favor if it.”

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