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November 2016

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The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association’s Mixologist of the Month

November: Suzanne Fetter 

Signature Cocktail: 
The Bonnie & Clyde
Muddled Lemons

Dash of Agave
Absolut Peppar Vodka
Ginger Liqueur
Dash of Pear Nectar

Suzanne Fetter has always worked in the restau- rant industry. Suzanne’s first job was in high school when she was fourteen. She began bartend- ing quite by accident. Suzanne was in her mid-twenties working as a server and her bartend- er decided to quit suddenly. Her manager gave her the opportunity to bartend at the restaurant and the rest is history. Suzanne has been bartending ever since!

There are a lot of aspects of the job Suzanne enjoys but she likes creating and crafting unique cock- tails for her customers. It is Suzanne’s creative outlet and she has very supportive managers that allow her to create new cocktails for their seasonal menus. Suzanne feels like she is being paid to have great conversations and laughs with good friends. Suzanne feels multi-tasking is very important. She also finds smiling at the customers and acknowledging them goes a long way.

Suba Tapas Bar
272 North Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

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Member of the Month: November 2016

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association: Member of the Month 

November 2016: Al’s Pizza of Dillsburg, Bob & Pamela Szajnuk
“A Lifelong Dream to Own my Own Business”

 Business History

Bob Szajnuk retired from his job in the trucking industry and always wanted to own his own business where he could work with people. Bob wanted to open a sandwich shop many years ago but it did not work out for him. Bob was presented with an opportunity in 2006 to purchase a franchise so he decided to give it a try and the rest is history. In 2010 Bob was able to purchase a malt beverage license and add beer to the restaurant.

About the Business
Bob’s lifelong dream was to own his own business but unfortunately after he purchased the establishment the economy had crashed. He felt lucky having a college degree to understand how to make his business succeed. Bob knew the he needed to be able to sell beer with his food. Back in 2010 Bob was able to purchase an economic hardship license for malt beverage. Having the malt beverage license has helped increase sales for his business. It has not been easy for Bob there have been many challenges over the years for the establishment. In a couple of months they will be brewing their own beer with the start of Big Bottom Brewery. Al’s Pizza of Dillsburg offers daily lunch and dinner specials and they plan to host a big event in a couple of months when their brewery doors open to the public.

Giving Back
Al’s Pizza of Dillsburg donates food throughout the year to New Hope Ministries, local schools and churches in the area. Every year Bob helps out at the Billy Kimmel Memorial golf tournament that raises money for their annual scholarship. Over the past fourteen years when Bob has free time he volunteers at swim meets. You can find him running the Colorado Timing System, distributing heat sheets or anything else to help run the meet. For more information on Al’s Pizza of Dillsburg or Big Bottom Brewery go to Facebook: Al’s-Pizza-of-Dillsburg and BigBottomBrewery.

Al’s Pizza of Dillsburg
6 Tristan Drive
Dillsburg, PA 17019
York County