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Rep. Seth Grove

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Legislator of the Month: November 2015

The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage & Tavern Association Legislator of the Month

November 2015: Representative Seth Grove (R)
Serving Part of York County, District 196 

Beyond Tax Cuts, We Need Pro-Growth Reforms 


Like so many industries in the commonwealth, taverns across Pennsylvania are struggling under the lack of predictability and increased costs which originate in Harrisburg. Governor Wolf’s budget would increase taxes by 16% on small business owners and consumers. On June 1st, I led the charge to defeat these taxes and joined with my colleagues on October 7th to again defeat the governor’s taxes.

Opposing tax increases alone is not enough to grow our economy; growing our economy requires passing pro-growth policies which create a predictable and healthy environment for job creation.

Over the past year, I have worked on passing such pro-growth policies including supporting liquor privatization to expand competition and lower costs for consumers. In addition, I introduced, and worked with the Senate, to move legislation preventing local governments from passing their own paid leave mandates. These mandates at the local level force companies to comply with non-consistent regulations throughout the commonwealth which lead to increased costs.

Along with increasing competition and stopping new government mandates, I have worked with the Pennsylvania courts to move legislation out of the house and create a legal environment conducive for business. By specializing in business matters we can offer companies a faster, consistent and more predictable legal process.

In the future, I plan to introduce legislation to reform the Human Relations Commission (HRC). On average, the HRC takes over 480 days to decide a complaint, which dramatically increases costs. These cases are overwhelmingly dismissed due to lack of evidence for discrimination. My legislation would reduce the process to 130 days and force individuals to pay legal costs for unfounded complaints. 

As you can see, we have been busy passing more pro-growth reforms to create a more complete and beneficial business environment to keep current businesses and attract more businesses.