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Will a poured tax come to State College?

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Will a poured tax come to State College?

A story in a recent edition of the Centre Daily Times suggests the possibility of a poured tax coming to State College due to issues associated with drinking.

However, according to the story, the local borough shifted to talking more about a retail tax since many issues of concern are not being driven by alcohol sales via bars and restaurants. Instead, problematic areas stem from stores and private parties at residences.

“With Penn State located within a short walk or drive to stores and distributors, you can anticipate plenty of unsupervised house parties happening,” says Chuck Moran, executive director for the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association. “Bar and restaurant employees go through RAMP training to learn how to serve responsibly.  It’s not right to compare local taverns and house parties.  Burdening such bars and restaurants with a poured tax would be unfair.”

The article is a multi-part series taking a looking at alcohol use in the college town.

In response to questions about a poured tax for the CDT article, Moran stated the organization’s opposition. “These types of taxes typically result in increased prices being absorbed by customers and decreasing sales at establishments. That’s not a good situation. For those reasons, the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association opposes such taxes. We are especially concerned for lower income individuals and mom-and-pop establishments,” he was quoted in the article.

Multiple studies on the recent Philadelphia beverage tax on soda show sales have decreased under the tax and prices have risen.


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