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Complaint Law Now In Effect

Earlier this year, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law that allows the PLCB to immediately take away a licensed establishment’s ability to sell and serve alcohol when the PLCB finds certain requirements are not met.

This complaint law — Act 44 of 2017 — addresses violations related to health licenses, use of unlicensed areas, seating, and food issues. Cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. Residents and community members concerned about an establishment could file complaints about a licensee by sending an email to the PLCB.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the authority expansion was developed to allow the PLCB “to tackle so-called ‘Stop-n-Go’ stores in the Philadelphia area, where bottles of beer are sold without the food or seating their restaurant or eating-place licenses required.”

A licensee compliance program was developed by the PLCB and can be helpful to establishments to stay in compliance.

In January 2018, the PLCB began unannounced on-site investigations of licensees based upon complaints received.

When the PLCB finds a deficiency as a result of an on-site inspection, the investigator will notify the licensee of the deficiency or problem and suspend operating privileges. The licensee will then have the opportunity to resolve the issue to regain operating privileges upon re-inspection. In cases where the PLCB refuses to reinstate operating privileges because of a continued or unaddressed deficiency, the licensee may request a hearing before Commonwealth Court.

In the past, the PLCB could only challenge an establishment’s license when it was up for renewal.



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PLCB Accepting Sealed Bids for Sixth Auction of Expired Restaurant Licenses

Beer taps at a Pennsylvania pub.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) recently announced an invitation for bids to award 25 expired restaurant licenses in the sixth license auction since Act 39 became effective in August 2016.

According to the PLCB, the auction includes one license in each of the following 25 counties: Armstrong, Bradford, Bucks, Cameron, Carbon, Clinton, Crawford, Dauphin, Elk, Greene, Huntingdon, Lebanon, McKean, Mercer, Montgomery, Northampton, Northumberland, Philadelphia, Pike, Potter, Schuylkill, Susquehanna, Washington, Wayne, and Westmoreland.

A sealed bid process will once again be used for the auction. The previous five auctions awarded 191 licenses.

Bids are due by noon Thursday, Aug. 2. Bids will be opened Monday, Aug. 6, and auction winners will be determined soon thereafter.

You can read more details on this auction by clicking here.

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Smart Talk: Business model for tavern games isn’t working

Executive Director Chuck Moran and Board Member Jim DeLisio sit down with Scott LaMar on WITF FM’s Smart Talk to discuss why the Pennsylvania tavern games business model isn’t working.

When the state decided five years ago to allow bars and taverns to expand the number of games of chance in their establishments, it was estimated that about two thousand bars and taverns would seek licenses to offer games such as pull tabs, raffles and daily drawings.

Those games would return an estimated $93 million to state coffers each year.  Instead, fewer than 50 bars and taverns have licenses and only about one and a half million dollars goes back to the state annually.  What happened?

Well, you can find out by listening to Smart Talk on WITF FM, Harrisburg’s NPR station. PLBA Board Member Jim DeLisio and Executive Director Chuck Moran sat down with host Scott Lamar.  The interview was an opportunity for tavern owners to speak up in Harrisburg.

Listen to the show by clicking here.

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Bill would be tougher on repeat DUI offenders

By Siuta Ika ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

During a recent news conference, Pennsylvania Senator John Rafferty said about one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk driving have done it before. His bill, SB 961, would toughen the state’s DUI laws, and has already passed in the state senate by a wide margin.

The bill currently sits in state house Judiciary Committee.

If passed, Rafferty’s bill creates the first-ever felony DUI in Pennsylvania for a person convicted of DUI a third time with a BAC of .16 or higher as well as anyone convicted of a fourth DUI.

Penalties for killing someone while driving under the influence would also be increased regardless of the driver’s DUI history.

Members of the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association should make sure all of their employees are properly trained to serve responsibly and flag patrons when needed. Designated drivers, taxi services, and Uber/Lyft arrangements should be sought.

As a benefit of belonging to the association, Chuck Moran, executive director, encourages members to take advantage of discounts for RAMP training.

“The Tavern Association is always working through member education to be a part of the solution,” said Moran. “No one should ever get behind a wheel of a car after drinking too much, whether they do so at a bar, house party, sporting event, or other activity.”

By in Latest News Comments Off on Bar owners: why tavern game model isn’t working for Pennsylvania

Bar owners: why tavern game model isn’t working for Pennsylvania

By Igor Ovsyannykov [CC0 or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

The current business model for tavern games in the Commonwealth isn’t working for bar owners statewide, and that’s one reason why the state’s revenue isn’t as high as it once hoped. That’s what the Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association told the Harrisburg Patriot-News during a recent sit down with reporter Jan Murphy.

Sparked by a recent report from the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, the article says the number of establishments offering approved games including pull tabs, daily drawings, and raffles was only 51 statewide as of April 2018. That’s five fewer than one year earlier.

While the situation is complex after factoring in other related issues adding pressure to establishments, tavern owners want to be a part of the solution to correct problems on this matter and others, and are interested in working with the state to create win-win scenarios.

To read the full story, click here.

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Joint Committee Listens To PLCB Pricing Report

A joint committee meeting including the House Liquor Control and Senate Law and Justice was held on May 31 at the Capitol to discuss the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s report on pricing. The report was distributed on March 30 and can be found here.

The PLCB’s testimony can be found here. In a nutshell, the PLCB is happy with the progress they’ve made since Act 39 of 2016 in regards to negotiating with suppliers. And, they do feel like Pennsylvania has seen some improved pricing on retail compared to other states.

Outside of the testimony, questions were asked about ecommerce. It was reported that ecommerce is expected to grow significantly. The PLCB plans to roll out a new website in October and should have a new facility later this year that would create opportunities for consumers to more easily make purchases and have those purchases delivered more quickly. It was noted that a new customer relationship management program that the PLCB is working on should provide significant marketing data on consumers. This data will not be available outside the PLCB.

Video of the hearing is available via Sen. Chuck McIlhinney here.

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Liquor by the drink levy? Philly soda tax? Connection?

WHYY FM, Philadelphia’s NPR affiliate, recently reported that a bill in Harrisburg aimed at stopping Philadelphia’s tax on sweetened beverages could impact the city’s 10 percent tax on liquor sold by the glass, in effect for more than a decade.

If a bill designed to end the sweetened beverage tax were approved in Harrisburg, says City Council President Darrell Clarke, the liquor tax could also be challenged.

Read the full WHYY FM article by clicking here.


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Pa Liquor Control Board on Yuengling American Adventure Sweepstakes, retail license involvement

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board recently offered a legal advisory on a proposed contest that could involve retail licenses. The following brief will get you up to speed.

Yuengling American Adventure Sweepstakes

Scheduled to begin on June 1, and run until August 31, 2018, interested individuals may enter this sweepstakes by texting the word “ADVENTURE” to 55755 and following the link to verify their age and completing an entry form with their name, date of birth, state, telephone number, and e-mail address. Alternatively, interested individuals may visit the sweepstakes website at and provide the required information. Additional details of the sweepstakes were included in the advisory.

According to the opinion, it would be permissible to conduct this promotion in the Commonwealth in reference to both retail and distributor licensed premises. Retail licensed premises may only be involved as pick-up or drop-off points for entry forms and not for the conducting of drawings or the awarding of prizes.

To read the full advisory, click here.

By in Latest News Comments Off on PLBA Selects Charles Moran to Serve as New Executive Director

PLBA Selects Charles Moran to Serve as New Executive Director

(Harrisburg, Pa. – May 21, 2018)  The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage and Tavern Association (PLBA) announced today that Charles ‘Chuck’ Moran, MS, will serve as the organization’s executive director beginning immediately.

Chuck Moran, Executive Director

Moran has extensive association experience. For the last 18 years, Moran’s work has helped the Pennsylvania Medical Society tackle tough political issues in Harrisburg as well as advance the business practice of its members. As director of public affairs at state medical society, projects that traveled through his office changed state laws, strengthened the practice of medicine in Pennsylvania, and benefited businesses owned by members.

His responsibilities included organizing and running many communications campaigns, aiding legislative efforts, working with political figures and regulators, running various committees, and helping to build member communications and products. He is recognized by many journalists across the state as a reliable and trusted source.

During his tenure he worked with physician leaders and executive management to transform the medical society into a dynamic, relevant, and effective membership organization representing all of the state’s physicians.

“I am very excited by this opportunity to continue PLBA’s historic legacy of leadership and advocacy for licensed beverage establishments and their patrons,” said Moran. “The organization’s members are a driving force in providing consumer beverage options and employment opportunities in communities throughout Pennsylvania.  PLBA members are a vital part of towns and cities statewide. I look forward to supporting their efforts through the well-established PLBA.”

In addition to his recognized work at the Pennsylvania Medical Society, Moran also has past experience through positions in financial services and higher education.

Moran received his master’s degree in communications studies from the Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. He also received his bachelor’s degree in communications/journalism from Shippensburg.

“Chuck is the ideal person to lead the PLBA forward,” said board member Danette Small-Shultz, co-owner of Stone Grille & Taphouse and BrewTaGo  in York. “His association experience leading statewide communications projects will serve us well as we advocate for Pennsylvania’s licensed beverage establishments. His knowledge, forward-looking wisdom, and personality will be an asset as our organization continues efforts as the leading Pennsylvania association representing licensed beverage establishments.”

Chuck and his wife Lori live in Carlisle. They have two grown children, Skyler and Mackenzie.


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The Pennsylvania Licensed Beverage Association represents retail licensees in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Association formed after Prohibition in 1941 to ensure the legality, protection, and prosperity of the state’s liquor and beer retail licensed businesses. From corner bars, delis and neighborhood taverns to five-star restaurants and resorts, PLBA’s industry supports more than 100,000 Commonwealth jobs, and remains an established, important part of our communities. To learn more about the PLBA, visit  Chuck Moran can be followed on Twitter via @ChuckMoran7.